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A Few Words About the Master in Law and Economics

In today’s globalized socioeconomic system, scientists, lawyers, and business executives seek to gain a sustainable competitive advantage in order to worthily respond to the rapidly changing legal, economic and social environment.

The University of Piraeus School of Economics, Business and International Studies has organized and operates the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program «Master in Law and Economics».

The Interdisciplinary Graduate Program «Master in Law and Economics», meets the needs of modern socioeconomic reality, where the law and the economy go hand in hand and complement each other.

The Goal of the IGP «Master in Law & Economics»

Professor Victoria Pekka-Economou

Master in Law & Economics Director


Our goal is to create a new generation of distinguished scientists, both in the field of Law and Economics. The synergy of combinational knowledge and ability criticism on critical interdisciplinary subjects create added value, augmenting the cognitive capital in social and professional level.

Faculty level

The interdisciplinarity of the program is ensured by renowned professors that are well respected for their skills and experience in the field of Law and Economics.

Career Opportunities

Our graduates are absorbed in Public and International Organizations, Companies, Banks, investment companies, Independent Authorities and Private Sector.


The duration of the IGPMaster’s degree is three (3) semesters with the possibility of one (1) additional semester for part-time program. The start of the program takes place in September of each academic year and classes take place every Friday and Saturday.


The Department grants Excellence Scholarships.

Latest News

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